San Diego CTF 3 (2022) Write-up (pwn)

Hi everyone! San Diego CTF 3 was held from 7/5/2022 to 8/5/2022. This post will be on the two pwn challenges I have solved for my team. Let’s get started! 1. Challenges Horoscope ret2win x64 ELF buffer overflow (BoF) challenge Secure Horoscope Return-oriented programming (ROP) ret2libc x64 ELF challenge with limited space. Hence creativity is […]

HackTheBox – Bad grades Write-up

Hi everyone! Today’s post is on Bad grades, a HackTheBox easy Pwn challenge. I wouldn’t say it’s completely easy which the number of people who managed to solve it and the rating people gives shows it as well. This challenge is a Return-oriented Programming (ROP) challenge based on double input in scanf(“&lf”). Read on if […]

HackTheBox – Restaurant Write-up

Dear readers, Today’s post is on the Restaurant challenge which is a pwn challenge which is also known as a binary exploitation challenge. The challenge was created on 27th February 2021. This challenge focuses on crafting ROP exploit so read on if you are interested. Let’s dive right into the write-up. Files provided There are […]