What are use case diagrams?

Dear readers, Have you ever wonder what exactly is a use case diagram and what kind of content it should have? Use case diagram is something that all programmers or Computer Science/Engineering students will come across once they take the first step into software engineering. Computer Science/Engineering students will probably learn it in their year […]

Corsairs power level

Dear readers, Today’s article is about exploiting web game design’s flaws. We will be using the web game, Corsairs, to do a walk through of the common analysis method I used to find flaws in the game. About Corsairs Corsairs is a web game that is usually played by Telegram messaging app users. When users […]

App Deployment on Heroku

Dear readers, Today I will be writing regarding the deployment of your app on Heroku. For those who do not know what is Heroku, it is a platform where you can host your website or software on their server. The purpose of me using Heroku is due to the free tier available. This allows me […]

wstring to SQLString

Hi everyone! Today’s post will be really short. It’s for those who is looking for this solution in C++ programming. I have tried to search for this solution online but it wasn’t available. Hence, by using different resources and trail & error, I came up with this solution. Below is an example of how to […]