HackTheBox – Previse Write-up

Hi everyone! Today’s post is on Previse, an easy HackTheBox Linux machine. This machine was released on 8 August 2021. In this machine, a URL redirect status 302 is exploited to leak the actual web page without logining in, exploiting unsanitized POST data run on the server’s PHP’s exec(), extracting user password from one-liner MySQL […]

Elevate to SYSTEM privilege (Windows)

Hi everyone! This is post is on elevating your CMD to SYSTEM access. Let’s get started! Requirements Psexec.exe (Sysinternal tool) Local administration privilege Obtaining SYSTEM Firstly, launch CMD in administrative privilege if you are on GUI. Otherwise, make sure you are on an admin account in a reverse/bind shell. Local spawn CMD In your CMD: […]

HackTheBox – Racecar Write-up

Hi everyone! Today’s writeup is on Racecar, a very easy pwn (binary exploitation) challenge on HackTheBox. This challenge is on format string attack. Let’s get started! Files Given file: racecar (ELF file) Scripts/database made by me: leakflag.py IDA database Tools required Linux Netcat Ghidra IDA (Freeware/Education/Pro) Python3 Pwntools Outlook There are many paths to choose […]

HackTheBox – Armageddon Write-up

Dear readers, Today’s post is on Armageddon, a GNU/Linux easy machine on HackTheBox. It was created on 28th March 2021. This challenge tests on find CVE vulnerability on a website, pivoting from apache user from web shell to local user by getting information from MySQL using MySQL one-liner, cracking the hash, and privilege escalation through […]