HackTheBox – Racecar Write-up

Hi everyone! Today’s writeup is on Racecar, a very easy pwn (binary exploitation) challenge on HackTheBox. This challenge is on format string attack. Let’s get started! Files Given file: racecar (ELF file) Scripts/database made by me: leakflag.py IDA database Tools required Linux Netcat Ghidra IDA (Freeware/Education/Pro) Python3 Pwntools Outlook There are many paths to choose […]

HackTheBox – Space Write-up

Dear readers, This post is on a HackTheBox Pwn challenge called Space. It was created on 30th May 2020. Let’s go straight into the write-up. Files provided There is only one 32-bit ELF file provided: Space Besides that, an IP address to the server hosting the file is also provided. Software required GDB (GNU/Linux debugger) […]

HackTheBox – Restaurant Write-up

Dear readers, Today’s post is on the Restaurant challenge which is a pwn challenge which is also known as a binary exploitation challenge. The challenge was created on 27th February 2021. This challenge focuses on crafting ROP exploit so read on if you are interested. Let’s dive right into the write-up. Files provided There are […]