HackTheBox – Sick ROP Write-up

Hi everyone! This is a SigReturn Oriented Programming (SROP) challenge on an x64 Linux binary file on 15 August 2020. We need to use SYS_mprotect before allowing on-stack shellcode execution to obtain a shell on the server. Let’s get started! 1. Files provide sick_rop (x64 ELF binary) 2. Tools required pwntools ROPgadget IDA Pro/Freeware 3. […]

Use DockerFile for debugging with Pwntools

Hi everyone! This article will be on setting up DockerFile for debugging with Pwntools. This may be useful for you during CTF challenges. In the example below, I will be using an example from DCTF 2022 Codechainz. The “app” binary I am using can be downloaded from here. Let’s get started! Setup image from DockerFile […]

HackTheBox – Space Write-up

Dear readers, This post is on a HackTheBox Pwn challenge called Space. It was created on 30th May 2020. Let’s go straight into the write-up. Files provided There is only one 32-bit ELF file provided: Space Besides that, an IP address to the server hosting the file is also provided. Software required GDB (GNU/Linux debugger) […]

HackTheBox – Restaurant Write-up

Dear readers, Today’s post is on the Restaurant challenge which is a pwn challenge which is also known as a binary exploitation challenge. The challenge was created on 27th February 2021. This challenge focuses on crafting ROP exploit so read on if you are interested. Let’s dive right into the write-up. Files provided There are […]