Dear Dayre and my fellow friends This is my final post on Dayre. As you know, I haven't been very active on Dayre for the past 1 year. However, I'll still drop by once in a while. As you know, Dayre is closing down and I promised I'll write a goodbye post. Therefore, this post […]

Support Dayre!

Dear Dayre I have just received the news that you might be closing down in April. Although I have not been active on Dayre for the past one year, it’s a platform that I used to be active in. It’s a place where I pen down my thoughts and memories of different stages of life. […]

Day 365

Dear Dayre It's the last day of 2017. Time flies. This year, there are a lot of ups and downs going on in my life. From ORD from National Service, to starting a start-up with my Air Force comrade, made a decision to change to Circles Life after being a customer of Singtel for years, […]

Little India

Dear Dayre I took a day off from work yesterday morning to wander around Little India! It's has been ages since I wandered around to take photos. I was so glad that the weather was good. Besides taking photos of architecture or trying to capture moments, what I really enjoy wandering around is it relaxes […]

[181217] Changi Airport + [211217] Orchard Road

Dear Dayre Sorry that I haven't been updating much. Was very busy with my start-up. Anyway, if you have been capturing up with my instastory, I visited Changi Airport Terminal 4 on Monday and Orchard Road today. Terminal 4 was kind of small and there isn't a lot of facilities hence I was a bit […]

Christmas Headache

Dear Dayre Last Friday was the start of school holiday and I'm so happy! This semester was really tiring for me. Maybe it's because I haven't studied for more than two years. Hence, I'm no longer used to studying or Poly life was too chill. Hahaha 😂 Anyway, if you have been catching up with […]


Dear Dayre How have you been? So sorry that I failed to keep my promise to be active here. Life have been very busy for me. However, I will be free after next week. Stay tune as I'll revived my photography hobby during the December holidays. Anyway, remember I mentioned my team and I were […]

Hectic Week

Dear Dayre So sorry that I disappeared again. This week has been a very busy week for me. There were so many school works that were due to complete and I was snowballing in a few of the modules. However, this week has been a rather fun week with many activities going on. On Monday, […]

Dear Dayre I have fallen sick… It has been days since I felt sick but hasn't fully recovered. I went to see the doctor on Monday and he said that I have not reached the stage of infection yet. On Sunday, I had a sore throat. On Monday, my body was aching but there was […]

Hi Dayre! Ta Da! I'm is back! Hahaha! It had been months since I used Dayre. It's the week 2 of Uni life and I feel so tired already. TGIF! I'll have more time for myself despite having a lot of assignments to catch up with. Anyway, I have just ported over to #circleslife ! […]