HackTheBox – Previse Write-up

Hi everyone! Today’s post is on Previse, an easy HackTheBox Linux machine. This machine was released on 8 August 2021. In this machine, a URL redirect status 302 is exploited to leak the actual web page without logining in, exploiting unsanitized POST data run on the server’s PHP’s exec(), extracting user password from one-liner MySQL […]

HackTheBox – Knife Write-up

Dear readers, Today’s post is on Knife, a HackTheBox easy machine that is based on GNU/Linux. It was created on 24th May 2021. This machine is mostly about finding a CVE-liked vulnerability in the web application and using Knife for privilege escalation. Let’s get started! Tools required Nmap Burpsuite Python3 (Optional) If you are using […]