b01lers CTF 2022 Write-up (Reverse Engineering)

Hi everyone! This post is on b01lers CTF 2022’s reverse challenges which was held on 23/4 – 24/4. The two write-ups on this post are on challenges that requires us to write x64 assembly code based on the given questions on each level. Let’s get started! 1. extreme_64 Can you program in x86_64 assembly? Pass […]

HackTheBox – Little Tommy Write-up

Hi everyone! Today’s post is on Little Tommy, a medium challenge on HackTheBox which was created on 27th September 2017. However, this challenge is actually quite easy and straightforward. The only difficult part is to identify the vulnerability which is Use-after-Free (UaF). Once you know it, obtaining the flag is very straightforward. Let’s get started! […]

SANS Holiday Hack Challenge 2021

Hi everyone! This is a write-up on the recent SANS Holiday Hack Challenge CTF. I hope they will be helpful to you. It is my first time trying out SANS Holiday Hack challenge as they host it yearly. If you haven’t tried it out, the main goal of this CTF is to learn. Hence there […]

HackTheBox – HackyBird Write-up

Dear readers, Today’s reading is on HackyBird, a game-based Reverse Engineering challenge. It was created on 19th December 2020. Let’s get started! Files given HackyBird.exe (32-bits) You may also download the IDA database where I renamed some of the functions during reverse engineering here. Tools required Cheat Engine IDA Pro (or any other WIndows supported […]