picoCTF 2022 Write-up (Binary Exploitation)

Hi everyone! This post is on picoCTF 2022 write-up for binary exploitation that was held from 16th March 2022 to 30th Mar 2022. In this CTF, there are buffer overflow, on stack shellcode execution, format string attack, function overwrite, C programming array out of bound (OOB) arbilitary write, stack cache, and vulnerable string check. Let’s […]

CTF.SG CTF 2022 Write-up

Hi everyone! Today’s write-up is on CTF.SG 2022. It is a 24 hours CTF hosted over the weekend (12-13/3/2022) with many different categories such as Sanity, Web, Pwn, Cryptography, Reverse Engineering, and Misc. I did not have time to solve many challenges as I needed my sleep. This CTF definitely isn’t easy, especially for reverse […]

Basic IDA IDC Scripting

Today’s topic will be regarding IDA IDC scripting. Previously I have written a post on IDA Python scripting. You can find that post here. However, since IDA Python script is only available for IDA Pro, those of you who only owns IDA Freeware can only use IDC for scripting in IDA. To download IDA Freeware, […]

Basic IDA Python Scripting

Today’s post is about some notes that I write down regarding IDA Python Scripting which I hope it benefits others and also a place for me to refer to in the future. I would like to apologize if there are any mistakes as I am still learning. Do comment on any errors I made and […]