SANS Holiday Hack Challenge 2021

Hi everyone! This is a write-up on the recent SANS Holiday Hack Challenge CTF. I hope they will be helpful to you. It is my first time trying out SANS Holiday Hack challenge as they host it yearly. If you haven’t tried it out, the main goal of this CTF is to learn. Hence there […]

Installing Pip for Python2

Hi everyone! Today’s topic is on Python2’s pip. By default, Python2 does not have pip automatically installed. I know some of you might be thinking won’t it be better to use pip3 which is for Python3? Well, pip for Python2 is still important especially for penetration testers or security researchers as some of the old […]

What are use case diagrams?

Dear readers, Have you ever wonder what exactly is a use case diagram and what kind of content it should have? Use case diagram is something that all programmers or Computer Science/Engineering students will come across once they take the first step into software engineering. Computer Science/Engineering students will probably learn it in their year […]

PScout mapping result to Smali syntax

Dear readers Today I will be sharing with you a Python script I have written for PScout’s Android permission mapping to Smali’s format. I have also changed the output to follow Axplorer‘s Android permission mapping results in ascending order as I feel it is more optimized when searching for API before mapping to it’s required […]

Introduction to .adoc

Dear readers, today’s topic will be about setting up of .adoc file extension (Asciidoctor) and how to use it. .adoc documents are like your Microsoft Word document for you to write stuff like reports, guides, etc. Unlike your normal writing in Microsoft Word document, Asciidoctor is a little bit closer to writing your document in […]

App Deployment on Heroku

Dear readers, Today I will be writing regarding the deployment of your app on Heroku. For those who do not know what is Heroku, it is a platform where you can host your website or software on their server. The purpose of me using Heroku is due to the free tier available. This allows me […]

wstring to SQLString

Hi everyone! Today’s post will be really short. It’s for those who is looking for this solution in C++ programming. I have tried to search for this solution online but it wasn’t available. Hence, by using different resources and trail & error, I came up with this solution. Below is an example of how to […]