Useful tech links

Hi everyone!

Here is a compilation of all the useful links. This post will continue to be updated so stay tuned!

Access SQL server

Active Directory

Binary files (Static)


File transfer (Command-line tools)

  • BITSAdmin (Windows)
  • cURL (Unix/Unix-liked) (Prints out content of the file)
  • FTP
  • SCP
  • TFTP (All OS. Exist on Windows XP too!)
  • wget (Unix/Unix-liked)

Heap Feng Shui


Password dump in OS


Privilege Escalation


Public exploits

Return-oriented programming (ROP)

Reverse shell

SQL injection


Telenet alternative

  • PSexec (Windows. Useful to switch accounts via CMD too)

Time To Live (TTL) values


  • Ngrok (Tunnel public server to private network)

WAF bypass

Web shell

Windows Sysinternal Suite

XML External Entities (XXE)


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