Hi everyone!

Hi!!! I am Hao Jie! I just created WordPress just to export all my previous Dayre post here all thanks to https://dayxport.fun . Some of you might not know what Dayre is. Dayre is a mobile blogging app which is popular in the SEA region. However, due to the high cost of maintenance, Dayre will be shutting down. To prevent loss of memories I have penned down all these years, I decided to create a WordPress account to export all my memories here.

Currently, I do not have any thoughts of penning down memories or blog here. I’ll mostly be active on my public social media account which is on Instagram. You can follow me @_haojie_ to see the photos I have taken during my photography trip.

However, who knows I might start blogging here in future! It may be about my photography trip, personal life, computer related stuff (btw I am a Computer Science student), or any other memories. So do look forward to it!

Thank you for checking out this website! I really appreciate it!


Credit to my friend https://www.instagram.com/lukebeh/

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