Dear Dayre and my fellow friends

This is my final post on Dayre. As you know, I haven't been very active on Dayre for the past 1 year. However, I'll still drop by once in a while. As you know, Dayre is closing down and I promised I'll write a goodbye post. Therefore, this post is my last post and it is my goodbye post.

To @yennee0609

Thank you for being my first follower. Back then, I thought no one will be interested to read about my life and you surprised me and told me that you were interested to read about Army life. I really thank you for that. It resulted in me to be more active on Dayre and progressed from writing about Army life to my photography trips.

To @poppy1308

Thank you for all your encouragement you gave me all these years. You are one of the most precious friends I made on Dayre that gave me lots of encouragement in life. Although I have not interact with you much for the past 1 year, time to time I'll still try to drop by to see how are you doing and hope you are well. Congratz on your marriage life and you being a mother soon! I wish you will have a blessed life with your husband and child. May you all be a happy family! 🙂

To @awwsnapz

Thank you for all the fun interacts we had on Dayre. I missed those days as it has been a long time since we interacted. I wish you all the best in your overseas exchange and become a good doctor one day! Anyway, we are following each other on Instagram so I guess we can keep update to each other's life through there. 🙂

To @parallelpathways

Hi!!! How are you doing? It has been so long since I last interacted with you. Hope you are doing fine. I see you have been active on Dayre and insta and your life has been quite colorful. That's good! All the best for your future endeavours! Anyway, we are following each other on insta so we can always catch up from there. 🙂

To @_huiling

Hi! How's all the trying out of food? I see you have been posting lots of food photos. It looks good and I feel hungry after seeing them. HAHAHA Hope you are doing fine. Anyway, thanks for following me on insta! I guess we can continue to stay connected from there! 🙂

To @oceanglows

Hi! How's everything? Hope you are doing well. I remember you are graduating right? Congratz!!! All the best for your future endeavours as well as with LL! 🙂

To @pikapikachew

How's school work? I see that you have been very tired preparing for midterms. Hope everything is going well for you. Jiayou!!! You can do it de!

To @bossming

A final message delicate to you. Thank you for creating Dayre! It's a platform that holds a lot of memories for many. It also contains a wonderful and friendly community that cares for one another genuinely. It is also a platform that we can share our personally stuff and receive encouragement whenever we feel down. Many friends were made here and some friends even became real life friends. It's all thanks to your creation! 🙂

Goodbye to all my friends and followers on Dayre.. Thank you for all the fun interactions, encouragement and memories created. I really appreciate it.

I have exported all my Dayre post to . However, I guess I won't be updating my personal life on that website. You all can still connect to me through my,instagram, @_haojie_ . Although the posts are for portfolio, I'll still update my personal life through instastory. All the best for your future endeavours, everyone!


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