Day 365

Dear Dayre

It's the last day of 2017. Time flies. This year, there are a lot of ups and downs going on in my life. From ORD from National Service, to starting a start-up with my Air Force comrade, made a decision to change to Circles Life after being a customer of Singtel for years, and finally began my uni life. There were many transitions taking place but I'm glad that I could adapt to it.

Beside all the ups mentioned, there are many downs. A relationship failure, criticism received from a fellow church mate resulting in me wanting to leave my resident acoustic guitarist position from my one of church band, and some failure in my start-up. However, there are tiny moments in 2017 that makes the year enjoyable and memorable.

Therefore, life has been very busy for me and I haven't been active on Dayre. I kind of broke the promise to myself to be more active on Dayre again. Hopefully I'll be more active next year. 😭

I'll be spending my remaining hours of 2017 with close friends. I'll probably update them through instastory instead.

Shall conclude my post now. I hope everyone will enjoy their day and have a wonder year ahead!


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