[181217] Changi Airport + [211217] Orchard Road

Dear Dayre

Sorry that I haven't been updating much. Was very busy with my start-up. Anyway, if you have been capturing up with my instastory, I visited Changi Airport Terminal 4 on Monday and Orchard Road today. Terminal 4 was kind of small and there isn't a lot of facilities hence I was a bit disappointed. However, it has great view of seeing planes landing near the entrance of Terminal 4.

Mon – 18 Dec 2017

I guess I only spent a while at Terminal 4 and spent my remaining time wandering around Terminal 1 to 3. This Christmas Tree was taken at Terminal 2. However, they have the same tree in other Terminals as well.

This is the only photo I took of Terminal 4. It's slightly small.

I like the Kinetic Rain. Spent a while enjoying it. Haven't seen it for a few years. It's quite fascinating to see all the precision calculations done by the creators to make it so cool. The speed, timing, distance, synchronisation are so good.

Christmas Tree house in Terminal 3.

I still like Terminal 3 the most. It's big, have lots of features, and looks really good.

Thurs – 21 Dec 2017

Finally my favorite season of the year is here! Wandered around Orchard Road a few hours ago and the lighting never fails to capture my attention. All the beautiful lighting and Christmas spirit.

The crowd is really insane. Feels like Chinatown during CNY period. Hahaha. It's so hard to get a picture without photobombs everywhere. Oh well..



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