Christmas Headache

Dear Dayre

Last Friday was the start of school holiday and I'm so happy! This semester was really tiring for me. Maybe it's because I haven't studied for more than two years. Hence, I'm no longer used to studying or Poly life was too chill. Hahaha 😂

Anyway, if you have been catching up with my instastory, you will probably know that I was in Malaysia for the past few days (currently still am as I'm constructing this post while heading back to Singapore 😅).

I won't be posting stuff related to my trip for the past few days as it was a short boring one and I didn't bring my camera along. I'll be heading there again in a few weeks time and I'll be penning down my journey for that trip.

Christmas is just around the corner and all the beautiful lighting are up. 😍 Can't wait to visit Orchard Road and Christmas Wonderland later this week.

While Christmas is my favourite season, it is also a headache season for me.

Presents! Yes, that right! All the planning for what presents to get for others. The thoughts of getting the presents that is useless to others make me a headache. I only have a few days to purchase presents for my church friends.

What should I get them? Chocolate, biscuits, or voucher? Should it be different gifts for different people or it can be the same for everyone?

Do you all face the same problem or am I the only one that faces the issue? 😔

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