Dear Dayre

How have you been? So sorry that I failed to keep my promise to be active here. Life have been very busy for me. However, I will be free after next week. Stay tune as I'll revived my photography hobby during the December holidays.

Anyway, remember I mentioned my team and I were building a Telegram bot for my assignment? It was long completed. However, I wasn't able to share it with you guys due to Telegram API's limitation of allowing up to around 10 message requests from different users at a time. For the past two months was the marking period of the Telegram bots assignment. Hence, I couldn't afford it not to work when the professor is grading it.

Since he has marked finished, I'm now able to share it with you all. 😁

For those that are interested, this is the bot that I built. It's basically a translation bot that can translates up to one hundred languages. You can chat with it directly to translate text to any languages you want.

Besides chatting with it directly, you can PM it when chatting with friends through private chats or group chats. It will automatically translate you sentences to any targeted language you have selected.

Below are some examples of its usage.

For first time use or unsure what are the commands in there, input "/start" and it will guide you through. There are also buttons there for you to navigate.

Input "/help" and the bot will reply you with explanations of how to use the bot.

For quick translation, input the targeted language through command and follow by the sentence you want to translate. Input "/targetlang" and it will show you a list of language commands.

This is when you chat with the bot directly.

This is the main feature of the bot. It allows you to chat with others without the need to go navigate to Google translator for translation.

You can use the bot for translation in group chats (without adding the bot into the group) and private chats through PMing the bot. A list will pop up. Just click on the list and it will send the translates text for you.

This is how it looks like when it sends the translated text to your friends.

More in-depth explanations and examples can be seen by chatting with the bot directly and input "/help". Of course you can also send me on Dayre if you have any questions.

I'll be running the bot until next Wednesday as running a remote server for the past few months burned a hole in my wallet. Hahaha. Hopefully I can find some free remote server to keep it alive.

That's the end of the post. Sorry if I made a lot of grammatical mistakes. Don't really have time to check while writing this post. Will be active again after end of next week. See ya!

P.S If you see any translation error, blame Google as I'm using their API for translation. Hahaha


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