Hectic Week

Dear Dayre

So sorry that I disappeared again. This week has been a very busy week for me. There were so many school works that were due to complete and I was snowballing in a few of the modules. However, this week has been a rather fun week with many activities going on.

On Monday, I decided to drop by the NTU-SCSE Offensive Cyber Security Club and it was really fun. I got to touch on networking and cracked into our testing Windows Operating System which I have lost touch due to NS. Hence, it was a really nice refresh course for me.

Tuesday and Wednesday were just like any other school days.

Yesterday, I had presented for 21st Century Marketing elective and I nearly died. It has been years since I last presented and I certainly do not like public speaking. Thankfully, it went well despite a bit of stuttered here and there.

Last night, I began an assignment for one of my modules which is to build a Telegram bot. I have never built a Telegram bot before and Python is a new language to me. Previous I learnt other languages and built Business Software but building bots are something new to me.

I'm still figuring out a number of functions, but is making progress. I will post it on Dayre once it is completed. Do look forward to it! 😁


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