Hi Dayre!

Ta Da! I'm is back! Hahaha!
It had been months since I used Dayre. It's the week 2 of Uni life and I feel so tired already. TGIF! I'll have more time for myself despite having a lot of assignments to catch up with.

Anyway, I have just ported over to #circleslife ! Finally, I don't have to worry over exceeding of data usage. I love the extra 20GB this month. However, it's like kind of a waste of porting over near the end of the month. I should have ported earlier. 😭

For those who are intending to port over to Circles Life. You can use my promo code:


The usage of the promo code will allows you to get $20 off from the $38 registration and I'll get 200MB of free data. So it's kind of helping each other. 😂


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