Time flies

Dear Dayre

Time has been flying for the past few months. Maybe it’s because school is starting school, or maybe it’s because I’m doing what I like such that work is not feeling like work to me. Weekdays have worn me out, but it brings a smile on my face. Meanwhile, many are like TGIF, I cannot believe a week is coming to an end. I have so much to do and time isn’t doing me justice.

No matter how much I work on weekdays, I don’t have the feel to work on weekends.

Usually, I spend on weekends using my computer; playing L4D2; watching TV shows on Netflix such as The Originals, House of Cards, Scorpion, The Blacklist; sleeping; scrolling through social media, and attending church on Sunday mornings. I did all these despite knowing I have lots of work to do. Something deep down in me just wants to waste my weekends away doing nothing productive. When Monday comes, my working mode turns on again.

I guess weekends are used to recharge my energy, which isn’t considered as wasted. After all, who won’t be worn out working 24/7?

Right now while traveling home and penning down thoughts on Dayre, I can’t help but worried about work. I set a goal of what to complete by the end of the week but is far from achieving it. Anxiety attacks as thoughts of me turning into someone who just wants to spend weekends like a sloth once the clock struck midnight.

I guess I have to learn to take things easy?…


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