Chasing Sunset + 98.7FM Kimberly

Dear Dayre

While chasing sunset's day, guess who did I meet? 98.7FM's Kimberly! Was so shocked when I saw her.

I camped at a high rise building's 33th storey staircase in Marsiling since 6:30pm and waiting for the sun to set before firing shots away.

Just before I was about to leave, I heard footsteps and a familiar voice. A moment later, Kimberly climbed up the stairs towards my direction and I was super shocked.

I exclaimed "OMG! Kimberly?!" She gave me a smile and said "Hi! Here to take photos of the sunset?" We had some talks while she and Shane was capturing the sunset. Oh my. She's really friendly and cheerful. Her voice sounds the same on TV and radio. I love her voice and YES 93.3FM's JiaHui's voice as their voices sounded very cheerful.

This shot was taken while I waited for the sun to set.

Taken from the other side of the building.

The sun was setting.

After a long wait.

A zoom-in shot.

The sun was disappearing.

The sun disappeared.

Another zoom-in shot.

The super red sky. Today's sunset didn't fail me.

After capturing this shot, I was about to leave when Kimberly and Shane came.

After they left, I took this shot before leaving.


Something bad happened just now. Today I spotted a black dot in my camera mirror while shooting. However, it didn't appear on the pictures so I didn't bother with it.

Just now while I was at home, I tried to use a blower and cleaned my mirror. Unknowingly, I scratched the mirror with the tip of my blower cause it was dark and I didn't switch on the light. 😭 The scratches on the mirror is very obvious, but it doesn't affect the photos at all.

However, it causes my mood to be very down right now. Hence, I will be sending my camera to the servicing centre for the first time tomorrow…


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