ORD lo!

Dear Dayre

I haven't spent time with you for weeks and I'm so sorry about that. Was flooded with work as I decided to do some start-up. Deadlines have to be met so I worked day and night during my leaves so that I don't have to go back to camp. I finally understand why people say bosses are the most stressed out. Unlike normal workers who only work during working hours, bosses have to work all the time to ensure the deadline is met.

However, being self-employed has some pros to it. I get to hit the gym frequently without the need to care for work reporting time. I can just take off if work isn't much to go out for photography or stay at home to rest.

Anyway, that isn't the main reason why I decided to write again after disappearing for a very long time. The main reason is …

I ORD lo! Received my pink IC yesterday. Finally can change my Dayre profile from "Living the Army life" to something else. Time for me to embark a new journey in life. For now, all I know I will be busy with work before school starts in a few months time.

I still remember I was an introvert and a mama's boy when I first enlisted. Fears were clouding over me as I sat on the ferry terminal waiting for my turn to board the ferry to face this new life. What frightens me wasn't the difficulties I would be facing, but the freedom I would lose for the next two years.

I still remember my first enlisted night food was horrible. White dry bee hoon. Totally different from the lunch they serve to my parents and I. One was heaven while the other was Earth. I sat there quietly, had a few spoons before I couldn't continue. Totally had no appetite plus the bad food made it worse.

Sergeants were nice at first for the first one week before they became a living hell. That's when I knew I didn't want to be a trooper for life. No matter how hard things were, how tough the route marches were, the fear of falling and breaking my legs during the Stand Obstacle Course (SOC), not bathing for days in the forest, missing freedom while doing standing parade when queuing up from meals, I soldiered on.

Although I met unfriendly comrades, I met a few good ones.

The three months of BMT were the longest period of my life. Everyday, we would look forward to the next meal to keep us going. It's until Wednesday before we countdown to the days to bookout (go home). A blink of an eye, weekends disappeared like there was no weekends. Weekdays were as usual draggy.

Of course, good things come to an end, hardships also have endings. Of course it wouldn't end in an easy way. What left us was an unforgettable 24km route March which other uses gps to track and realized it's closed to 30km. I remember I nearly gave up during the first 4km March as my bag was too heavy. Regretted no bringing everything home during the final bookout.

Anyway, I became better after the 8km March as I realized that applying lots of tiger balm helps to remove the soreness for 3km. Thank the Lord I had it with me. If not, I might had given up.

The road seemed endless as we walked forward, looking forward to the next resting point. The road infront seemed endless to those marching infront while the rest can only see the side or the big bulky bag of the one infront.

People were cheering for us. We gave a weak smile back, but were too tired to wave back. Most of us were too tired to even respond as they were in zombie mode.

The feeling was so shiok when we completed the march and threw our cap during the POP parade. Of course, that was only the end of the beginning.

One week later, I booked-in to my new posting in 8SIR, not looking forward to it as I wasn't posted to become a commander. That's when I knew I will be ordered around by others for the rest of my NS life. Everyone else there had the same look on my face as they were all disappointed with their posting.

However, things were better as the food there was really good. Everyone's mood was better after having that delicious plate of Nasi Lemak for lunch.

The story of my NS life seems a bit too draggy. Shall cut it short.

So 2 months passed and it was the best of my NS life. Met a good buddy, a friend to go out for photography with and received my first Gold in IPPT in my life.

After that, I was posted to TAB (Not disclosing where). Initially, I wasn't looking forward to it as I heard a lot bad rumors. Indeed, the food there is sometimes worse than Tekong, and every other squadrons treated our squadrons badly.

Life as a purely security trooper was boring. Things became better as I was posted to the Response Force, where we handed situation like hostage rescue, bomb threat situations, etc. I loved my life there and stayed until I ORD.

During my days in TAB, I met good friends like @bkiat2016 who decided to join me on Dayre. He encouraged me to buy my first camera as spending a huge amount of money on something new to me was no easy task.

Anyway, that sums up my life in NS. A place that I learned to be independent, picked up social skills and increases my mental endurance. Hence, is NS a must for every Singaporean? Definitely yes!

Anyway, I'm not sure when is the next time I will be writing again unless I find a strong inspiration to do so. Life will be busy again for me next Monday. See ya, Dayre!


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