Woodlands Centre

Dear Dayre

Haven't been updating much or spend time on dayre reading posts as my life has been fully occupied. Every day was pretty busy for me except the weekend as I am doing start-up with a comrade of mine.

I'm so busy that I don't even have time for myself, except on the weekend.

Speaking of weekends, last Sat I went to Bugis+ Colosseum to attend Team Asterisk's overwatch competition.

I didn't compete as I don't play Overwatch and I'm not a female which that competition is only for ladies. Anyway, I headed there just to see two favorite streamers or Team Asterisk's members of mine as I have been a fan of the two of them for years, but I never had the chance to see them in front of me.

I was so glad to see them and it took me lots of courage to approach them to ask for a photo as well as having a conversation with them. I was so happy after that. #fanboy Hahaha

Anyway, I took a break yesterday so that I can go out to take photos. It has been so long since I went out for photography. Headed to Woodlands Centre yesterday morning as that place will be demolished by the end of this year if I'm not wrong. That place is filled with my childhood memories, hence I have pictures of that place to keep those memories forever. The place I got my Game Boy Advance, the place I got my first and second guitar.

Wall beside Sheng Siong.

Level two beside Raffles Music School.

Stairs to overhead bridge.

Apartments' corridor.

Abandoned Woodlands Theater.

The hawkers centre.

The alley.

Some random shots.

Shop houses.

Decorations outside a stall.

Another overall shot of the place.

Block number.

The overhead bridge beside the Woodlands Centre.

Uncle setting up his stall in the morning.

Final shot.


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