Dental Surgery

Dear Dayre

I just woke up from a dental surgery. It was a full body anesthesia. The feeling was pretty awesome as it was my first surgery in my life. One moment I was listening to the doctors speaking to each other, a minute later, the operation light seems very dreamy, the next moment my eyes were suddenly closed and I was asleep. When I woke up, I could only find strength in my legs as I wiggled it while keeping my eyes closed.

I remembered walking into the operation room and it looked just like those I saw on medical kdrama. I kept having the feeling as if I'm filming some kdrama. Hahaha

Just woke up from an afternoon nap and I still feel groggy. Must be the anesthesia. Tried to read something, but nothing seems to go in. Feel like giving up and nua the whole day.

Recently, I received a DM from a stranger on Instagram, thanking me for a post I made a year ago. That post was regarding the NUS School of Computing math test and interview as no one else wrote about it. Hence, I decided to write a post about my experience, which turned out useful for others. I'm glad that it helps. You can refer to the post here: @shakugan:060416 if you are interested.

This was how I felt when I had my lunch and dinner which were porridge. I didn't cry hor. A soldier is a soldier. Hahaha 😂 When I was swallowing, I kept tasting blood. So sad that I couldn't eat my favorite food for the next few days. Currently craving for chicken rice. 😭


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