iLight Marina Bay

Dear Dayre

I visited the iLight Marina Bay during last Tuesday with a church friend of mine, G, and visited there again this Wed with L. Was so lazy to transfer my photos over that it took me days before I force myself to transfer the photos over.

14 March 2017

Last Tuesday, I brought my DSLR along, but I only took a few photos as I wanted to enjoy the walk with G and focus on enjoying the beautiful decorations.

Initially, the walk was pretty okay. We talked about different stuffs and went around to look at the different game stalls. Next, we decided to walk one round about Marina Bay to look at the displays.

After enjoying the flower display, we walked further into the field and that's when G stepped onto the muddy field. We didn't expect the field to be muddy as it didn't rain the whole day. We quickly exited the field and her wedges were covered with mud, so were my shoes. I felt bad that she had to buy a new pair of shoes after that walk.

We went to H&M at Raffles City to purchase a slipper for her to wear for the remaining trip. I was glad that her smile could be seen again after wearing that slipper.

Glad that we managed to complete the remaining walk without any hiccups.

22 March 2017

I headed to iLight again this time round with L to fully focus on taking photos.

This is my favorite among all the other displays.

The crowd was insane.

Squeezing this tree into the square-size photo.

Yay! Finally took this photo again. I remembered taking this photo years ago with my phone when I first joined Instagram. The quality of the photo produced by my photo was really bad. Glad that I could retake this photo with a proper camera.


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