Looked through the rifle scope as I creep into the building as quickly as possible.

Arrived at a corner, I halted. "Corner right", I whispered. "Corner right", came the echo from the rest behind me.

"Cover", I whispered. A comrade jumped out of the stack, point his rifle to the front before he whispered back "covering". "Scanning", I whispered again as I checked the corner.

My comrade and I rushed into the lobby before shouting "clear!" Signs of relieved could be heard.

For urban operations like this, the casualty rate is quite high.

This procedure repeated like we were robots for corners and rooms.

"Exercise cuts! Good job guys!", my Sergeant shouted. A smile could be seen on his face.

My comrades pat my back and smiled at me. I gave back a weak smile, knowing that it was my last practice. My life in NS is coming to an end very soon. All the practices and operations experience were all put into my final practice with my team.

You know, no matter how much you want to leave a place, when the time comes, you will still kind of miss that place and the life you were so used to?

Everything I'm doing right now, my mind would constantly remind me it is my last time doing it. My final lunch, dinner, training, etc. I feel both sad and happy to leave this place.

Approximately hours away from the end of everything. How do I fully utilize it?


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