Back Day

Dear Dayre

I headed to the gym again! Today, D and I work on our back muscles. Once again, I feel so weak. 😢

For each exercise, I was carrying weights that are 5kg lesser than D but I couldn't do the right posture. It took us a while to figure out that I wasn't strong enough, hence I needed an even lighter weight in order to have the strength to do with the right posture. Due to me being weak, my body did a wrong posture to use other muscles to support the weight. 😅

This Friday is my last day in Air Base before I start to clear all my offs and leaves until I ORD (reunite with my pink IC). Half feeling sad that I have gotten used to the life here, which I will slightly miss this place, but at the same time glad that I will be able to stay at home at do things I love.

Recently there is something going on that bugs me. Actually, I don't mind writing about it here, but nevertheless, this is an open platform which I don't want that person to see it although that person do not have Dayre. This thing has been going on for years, but it has only become active recently. I not sure should I still put in lots of effort and hope in it or I should try to put an end it.


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