Pulau Sudong

Dear Dayre

Guess where I went the last weekend? Pulau Sudong! Yes! It is the military island that last year’s NDP flag ceremony’s start-off point was started from there.

Since my national service is coming to an end, I volunteered to go to the island for some military operations so that I get to go to the island at least once in my life.

This post will be rather brief as I’ll not be disclosing military operations, but more of the beauty of the island.

The island is really beautiful in general. I am glad I decided to go there.

It is a pretty remote island with not much development. I love to travel on the road as it was surrounded by rainforest-liked trees as if I was traveling on a long peaceful road in the remote area of the USA.

The waters were crystal clear. Different kinds of fishes could be seen swimming in the water. I was very excited when I saw a big shark during Sunday night and two baby sharks yesterday morning.

I spent my Sunday evening catching the beautiful sunset as ships nearby started to light up, preparing for night falls. I will definitely miss Pulau Sudong.


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