1st Gym experience

Dear Dayre

I just hit the gym for the very first time. Okay okay. This might not be the first time as I went to the gym once when I was in sec school. However, that wasn't serious as I was just trying out.

I always wanted to hit the gym as I find myself pretty weak and small in size. However, the gym is always filled with muscular and strong bodybuilder. I felt embarrassed to even enter the gym. What made matters worse was I do not know how to use the equipments. 😭

Thankfully, my kind comrade decided to ask me if I would like to go to the gym with him. He accompanied me and taught me a lot. Seems like I might continue to hit the gym in the future. ✌

We trained mostly on chest, biceps, and a bit of shoulder for today. Looking forward to the next session to learn more stuff.

Although I am pretty weak and small in size. Hopefully I will grow one day. 💪😆

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