Fort Canning

Dear Dayre

Today has been a busy day for me. Woke up at 7:35am, washed up before heading out to meet L for our photography trip. Guess this time round, where did we go? Fort Canning!

I always wanted to go there, but procrastinated. Hence, I made up my mind and headed there today.

Wandered around for more than an hour before I found this place.

Initially, we alighted at the Dhoby Ghaut train station and headed over to Fort Canning. We walked passed the YWCA building and crossed the road before arriving there instead of taking the underpass. It was a mistake as we ended up exploring the whole of Fort Canning for more than an hour to look for this famous Instagram place.

By then, it was already 11:30am.

That's L in the background.

So peaceful.

Couldn't take a full shot of this spiral staircase because I don't have a wide angle lens. 😭

Fail shot. It didn't turn out what I wanted and my palm looked so fat. 😅

That concluded the end of the trip. #explorewithshakugan

After exploring Fort Canning, I accompanied L to Plaza Singapura to a camera shop as he wanted to get a battery grip for his camera. While he was talking to the staff, I wandered around the shop, admiring the beautiful retro looking Olympus Pen F, lenses, and something caught my attention. A cheap wired Phottix remote! It only costed $10! I always wanted to get one, but many shop sold Nikon's wired remote for $49. Why not get a 3rd party device when it also does the job and is way cheaper?


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