PPC + Lepark

Dear Dayre

It has been a while since I penned down anything. Life was pretty much the same. Booked-in, do my usual stuff, booked out, nua on bed, spam data on social medias, catching up with unread dayre posts, download more kdramas before booking-in again.

Anyway, last night and this morning, my Air Force comrade, L, and I decided to wander around Singapore again to take some photos.

Last night at the Sports Hub. Couldn't wander far due to the rain.

Taken from the bridge near the car park.

This morning, L and I wanted to go Lepark but went to People's Park Center instead. He was following me. The blind led the blind. Hahaha. Nevertheless, we discovered this rooftop at level 6 which was the famous photography spot during CNY recently.

Top to bottom view.

Tried to take this shot but failed as I don't have a wide angle lens. Hence, the floor level was not included.

A photo of L changing lenses.


Just started to watch #dreamcoder8 which is the current channel 8 9pm drama. Decided to watch this channel 8 drama after not watching mediacorp shows for years. This is due to the plot is which related to IT, similar to my field. This is the first time mediacorp do a full series on IT. Correct me if I am wrong. It was always related to business, nurses, police, engineering, design, etc.

The good thing about this drama is, it shows some technical stuff to the viewers that are new to IT. This will allow viewers to get to know more about IT and knowing if it is their cup of tea especially the hardcore programming side. I have seen many who joined IT courses and realized it isn't their cup of tea hence regretted.


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