GBTB + The Future Of Us exhibition

Dear Dayre

I spent this morning at GBTB as it is my Air Base family day. Each of us were given a free ticket. I was really excited as it was my 1st time going into the flower dome and cloud forest. Sorry for the SuaKu-ness!

If you have been keeping up with my instagram story, you would have known that I went to GBTB this morning.

Visited The Future of Us exhibition after my comrades and I collected our tickets. I know the hype about this place has long ended, I still wanted to pay there a visit since we were so near the exhibition.

I like the exterior.

After that, we went to the flower dome 1st.

Up close.

Look at this cute cactus! It looks as if it is a little girl with pink ribbons on her hair.

Year of the roaster.

Look at this cool looking plant. The leaves are naturally monochrome while the flower is colored. It looks as if the colors are being photoshop. Officially my favorite plant at GBTB. Hahaha.

The famous flower frequently seen on instagram.

Tried to take a photo with its reflection on the water but I failed terribly.

Next was the cloud forest.

Shot with high shutter speed.

Flower made from lego.

Water falling from the waterfall.

At the top floor.

We stood there and waited for 20mins before the mist came out at noon. Took a couple of photos but none turned out great. We decided to leave the place after the misting process stopped.



It has been a while since I read books. This is a book based on a true story of how 11 American Prisoners of War (POW) managed to escape from a Japanese death camp in Philippines.

I came across it while exploring the new NLB app which this book was one of the new arrivals. I decided to borrow it due to its cool looking cover, interesting plot, and the good reviews by others that can be found online. I will post more about it once I finish reading it.


I am currently on the way back to the Air Base after having my reunion dinner at home. Going to spend my 初一 in base and book out on 初二 (Sunday) morning. Hopefully there will still be relative houses that my family have not visit so that I will be able to go for house visiting on Sunday.


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