Chinatown Round 2

Dear Dayre

I went to Chinatown again. However, this time round I went there with my family. Reached there around 8:30pm as the rehearsal in church ended pretty late. Today, Chinatown was even more crowded than when I came here last week with my comrade. (Check out my precious Chinatown photos if you haven't: @shakugan:120117 ) Probably due to CNY drawing closer?

Challenge I set for myself to use only my 50mms prime lens for today's trip. I usually shoot with my 18mm-140mm lens as I can zoom in and out whenever I want which caused me to use my 50mm lens less than 5 times.

Roamed from streets to streets, enjoying the cny atmosphere.

The Lion!

Shopping time!

Omg! I didn't know there is a TinTin shop in Singapore and it is located in Chinatown. Didn't take any photos of the interior as the caption model was holding onto a sign which wrote "No photography or videos allowed".

There were toy models, snowy soft toy, TinTin books, the movie DVD, posters, and many more items sold there. Definitely a place to check out if you are a fan of TinTin the comics and haven't been there before.

It was around 10:30pm and most of the shops were closed.

The wall decoration looks pretty nice.

I was pretty YOLO when I took this shot. Waited for the red light before dashing to the middle of the road and took continuous shot. Passerbyers thought I was too on about photography or I must be crazy. Hahaha

This concludes the end of my Chinatown trip.



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