GBTB Photowalk

Dear Dayre

Went for a photowalk with two of my Air Force comrades. One of them is a buddy of mine since my days in Clementi camp while the other is none other than @bkiat2016 ! Really thankful that my ex-buddy, W, sacrificed his off to give me a belated birthday celebration.

Didn't expect them to give me any gifts so was surprised when they spent the effort to hunt gifts for me. I don't expect much. Just some wishes and spend time with me over a meal (I pay my own meal) or something else like yesterday's photowalk is good enough for me. Still, I was pretty happy when they surprised me with gifts.

Back to the topic, we walked around Gardens by the Bay last night. It was my 1st time going there at night. Paiseh for the SuaKu-ness.

GBTB is really beautiful at night! It was a really worth it trip.

Since it was Saturday, there were lots of people there. I managed to catch the night show and spent lots of time snapping away. Snapped and snapped, I lost tracked of time and stayed there for more than an hour.

After that, we stroll around GBTB to Marina Barrage before walking back to MBS.

I decided to take some long exposure shots and at the same time introduced W to it. He wanted to learn photography hence we decided this photowalk, hoping he would learn something from it. We taught him from the basics such as shutter speed, aperture, etc, to different kind of lens and what settings to use during different situations or tricks to get special effect photos like this light painting photo.

This is a failed shot as there were too many traffic lights.

Decided to take from the other side of the bridge but there were too few cars as we made a mistake for taking light painting photos the last. By then, there will be lesser cars since it was no longer the peak period.

Travelled to the other bridge beside MBS but failed again. Tried a few times but the numbers of cars are too few. By then, it was 11:15pm which we called it a day since we had to catch the last train. Hopefully W learned something from yesterday's trip.



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