Farewell 2016, Hello 2017!

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a great time! As for me, I am currently stuck in the Air Base. 😅 Last year and this year's new year, I am stuck in the base. Only get to go home this coming Monday. 😢 At least I get to stay outside of base during the New Year's holiday.

Can't believe I am still awake. Not feeling tired, but I will behave like a zombie when I wake up tomorrow. 😂

Woke up feeling surprised that I am not feeling very tired. 😁 Anyway, it's New Year means new resolutions! Knowing that I will run out of fuel after the first few months, I will going to set goals that is realistic as well as what I really wants.

1. Improve my English 📝

Although it's long gone were the days where we had English exams in school, I still want to be good in at least one language which is English. Moreover, reading dayre's famous writers' post inspires me to be able to write like them one day. Hope to see improvements by the end of this year. 😊

2. Spend time & effort working out 💪👣

Every since I entered Unit (whole of 2016), I haven't been working out much. Life in the Unit is pretty slack. We no longer have physical training and tekan (punishment that does pushups & crunches). I became lazy and rarely trains during my free time. Thus, my last years I.P.P.T dropped from Gold to Silver. 😭

Since I will be ORD-ing (discharge from the military service) mid of this year, I might even stop training. Plus, once Uni life starts, I will even busier and lazier to train. So I really need to keep fit no matter how lazy and busy I am, so that I might get back Gold for I.P.P.T during my reservice? 😬

3. Spend more time with family 👪

Due to my service for the country, I am hardly home. I will only see my family once or twice a week. My parents are aging. I shouldn't take them for granted and spend more time with them.

That's all for my #2017Resolutions . Short and sweet. 😂 Hopefully I will be able to achieve all of them and achieve more than what I stated for my resolutions.

A new year, a new story, a new chapter of our lives.


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