My 2016

Dear Dayre

2016 is coming to an end. Times flies indeed. Despite the ups and downs, I feel that I have grown as a person. Looking back and 2016's resolution, I realized I managed to achieve half of it. Although that might not be considered as successful, I am glad that I purchased my 1st dslr which puts a tick in one of my 2016 resolutions.

1. Getting my 1st DSLR

I purchased my 1st dslr during March and I love it! It makes me confirm my love for photography and discovers many hidden places in our homeland, Singapore.

The transition from a phone camera to using the viewfinder to shoot was hard. My 1st 100 shots were like horrible before I became used to it. 😅

Instagram played a huge role. It made me start exploring places in Singapore to shoot architecture, long exposure and streets before making me interested in model shoots.

Exploring Singapore is fun. I started off with famous places like the East Coast Park, Rochor Center, Orchard Road to roof topping like Dawson and less known places like the Jurong Hill.

During the mid of the year, I am glad my sec sch mate DM me on Instagram if I would like to have a collaboration with her. I am really thankful she allowed me to expose to model shoots and gained experience from it. 😊

2. Improving my English

One of my 2016 resolutions was to improve my English. Months ago, I tweeted on Twitter for advice. All thanks to my friend, she introduced me to grammar checking sites and it helped me a lot.

Since I was a kid, I have a very poor command of English. During Pri 1, the teacher was teaching us grammar while I was having issues with vocabulary. Hence, I had problems understanding the sentences. By Pri 3, my vocab has become better. It was too late. They have stopped focusing on grammar. What made it worse was, throughout the rest of my pri sch and sec sch days, teachers just left lots of circles on my compositions pointing out grammatical mistakes, but she did not correct it.

I was at fault too for not making the effort to approach them for corrections. After sec sch, I kind of mature or realized that I should do something about it. I tried to read more. I think I made some improvement.

During last year, I discovered Dayre and I was awkward by my bad command of English after reading popular dayre-ans' posts compared to mine. Hence, I was even more determine than ever to improve my English.

Seems like I am becoming very long winded. Shall move on to the next point. For those who are interested in the grammar site that I am currently using, it is:

3. Promoted to Black Belt (1st Dan) in Taekwondo

Used this sticker because it represents Taekwondo? Not to pick up fights like this sticker, but I was trying to choose a sticker that is closer to representing Martial Arts. Hahaha 😂

Anyway, I was really happy when I was promoted (more than a month ago). The test to promote to black belt wasn't easy. Moreover, I took a break from Taekwondo for nearly two years.

Time for me to conquer the next Martial Art is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ).

4. Lasting friendship

I am really thankful for the friendship I shares with my friends (poly mates). Despite graduated from Poly during mid of last year, we continue to meet up once a while to catch up with one another. Constantly encourages one another and celebrate each others' birthday. They were also my first group of friends that celebrated my birthday beside my family and so far the only friends that celebrate my birthday. They made me feel important and also friends that I can share my trouble with. 😊

I am glad that we are still close with one another despite each others busy lives. I hope our friendships will be long lasting. 😆

5. Meeting new friends on Dayre

I can't believe I have been on Dayre for more than a year. This year, I made a lot of new friends on Dayre and glad to know you all. All the encouragement and advice I received helped me a lot. Really thankful for all the kind words.

Dayre has a kind and friendly community. Thank you for spending your time to read my rants and look at my photos. I enjoyed reading all of your daily lives and would love to continue to read them. Hope all of you will enjoy the last day of 2016 and have a great new year ahead!



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