Batu Pahat – Day Four + Back to SG

Morning view from the Garden Hotel from the 8th floor. Final morning in Batu Pahat before I head back to Singapore.

Had yum rice and noodles for breakfast. It was really good. Purchased it from the street stalls since most of the shops are opening late probably due to holiday.

Back to Singapore in the late afternoon. Time flies when having fun but slowly when doing something boring.

Really enjoyed the past few days. It feels great to be out in some foreign land after staying in Singapore for 1years 5months. Looking at the old architecture, experiencing different food and culture, lost in my own thoughts as I wandered from streets to streets ignoring what is going on in my Air Base. The taste of freedom and a long break have never felt so good before.

Took a number of photos of architecture and street photography. Wanted to shoot some portraits but none of my family members likes their photos to be taken. Maybe I should get a blogger gf or a gf that likes to take ootd. Just kidding. Due on my ugly looks, nah. 😂


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