Batu Bahat – Day Three

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you will have a great day. πŸ˜„

This morning’s view from the Hotel. πŸ˜„

I spent my morning roamed around town visiting different shops. We wandered around the street market where everything was laid on the floor on a map. I didn’t take any photos as it was very crowded.

Had my brunch at Ah See Wan Tan Mee. This place served the best wanton noodles I have ever eaten. I always eat their wanton noodles whenever I visit Batu Pahat. There may be better Wanton noodles in Singapore or Malaysia. So far I haven’t eaten any wanton noodles that are better than theirs. According to my mother, this stall has existed for more than 30years. Make sure to tell them you want the spicy version. Small & big costs RM4.50 & RM5 respectively.

I had dinner at Kafe Kiri Kanan and it is awesome. I love the design on the place. It has a traditional look with a strong coffee smell in the air. It is a new cafe that everyone wants to try out hence their business is blooming. Their food is really good especially their fried rice. Their cheese fries are really good as well.

Walking back home.

On my way home when I saw these cool decorations of windmills made from drinking cans such as 100plus, Carlsberg, etc. These handmade windmills really work as they were spinning as the wind blew. 😱

Close up shot.



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