Batu Pahat – Day One

Dear Dayre

I have safely arrived Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia, my Mother’s quiet hometown. The last time I came here was before I enlisted in the military. That is more than 1 and a half years ago.

After receiving clearance from Malaysian custom’s Lance Corporal, we took the Causeway Link bus and arrived at the Larkin (Bus Terminal). There are two nearest buses that bring passengers to the Larkin, SBS Transit’s bus 170 & Malaysia’s Causeway Link bus.

There are rows of bus companies that offer bus services to Batu Pahat. The two famous bus companies that offer direct ferry to Batu Pahat from Larkin are KKKL and Causeway Link.

I chose the latter because it is more spacious and brighter. However, the buses are older. KKKL buses are moodier in the interior and the seats are narrower. However, KKKL buses are newer and the chairs provide better cushions. The ticket coated $11/adult. $12/adult for KKKL.

Journey by bus is usually 1h30mins to 2hours. Travel to Batu Pahat by car is usually faster. Probably 1hour to 1h30mins. Unfortunately, my father is working on Friday hence the rest of my family have to travel by bus. What made matter worse was, there was a huge expressway jam. We boarded the 10am bus at Larkin and arrived at 1:13pm.

I was wandering around the run-down mall beside the bus terminal and I saw a data prepaid promotion by Maxis. RM10 for the SIM card which RM5 is already in the prepaid. I only need to use RM3 from the prepaid for 1GB per day. The next day, that data will be reset which means I have to pay another RM3 for 1GB again. Since I will be staying for 3 days, I topped up another RM5 for a total of RM10 in the prepaid. Overall, I spent RM15 which is only SGD$5 for 3GB of data! 😁

I didn’t take any pictures today or travel around much as I went to my grandmother’s home to pay her a visit. I will be staying there tonight. She stays in the Kampung area, Kampung Linau Bersa to be exact. It is one of the last few areas in Batu Pahat that still have Kampung. The rest of Batu Pahat is more developed. Tomorrow I will be going around taking photos of the Town area (Considered as City by residents living in Patu Bahat) as well as the Kampung area as currently, it is raining heavy. 😭


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