Dear Dayre

I am out to #explorewithshakugan again. Thanks to @traumend for introducing Duxton to me.

Rushed back home this afternoon after I booked out from the Air Base to grab my camera before I headed to the Outram Park train station and alighted from there. It took me about 10mins walk from exit B by walking on pavement surrounded by constructions and cut through traditional shop houses before I arrived the famous buildings.

Next, I proceeded to block G's level 1 to the M.A office and purchase the ticket that costs $5 to access the sky roof on the 50th floor. Do note that only ez-link payment is allowed. No food, drinks, and pets are allowed at the sky roof. We headed to the 50th floor and glad that we have not missed the sunset.

This is how the sky roof looks like.

Above all…

The sun was setting.

P.S Didn't edit the photo so it is kind of tilted.

The sunset!!! 😍

The sun was disappearing. 😢

After the sun settled. J and I roamed around the sky roof and discovered these ladders.

P.S I had a hard time capturing this shot as it was fenced out. I placed my camera over the fence and my right hand was slotted through the hole in the fence to take this shot. Was afraid I might drop the camera.

The sky was getting darker.

J and I sat here till the sky turns completely dark for the city lights to be lit up.

The night view at Duxton.

The photo quality drops a lot as I upload them onto dayre. 😢

Final shot of that place before J and I sat on a chair and enjoyed the scenery till 8pm before we left the place.

Overall, it is a pretty wonderful experience. The view is definitely more beautiful than Skyville @ Dawson due to close vision of the city and the sea. It is also very windy due to the sea breeze. Downside of it is, there are two railing at the edge of the sky roof and which is separated by a huge gap. The railing closer to the edge is at a lower ground than where we are standing, which is inaccessible for everyone. Hence when taking pictures, the railing closer to the edge, photobombs. 😦

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