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Dear Dayre

I am back to my Polytechnic, NYP! Finally came back during the daytime with my friend as we both miss the yummy food sold in NYP. I missed the South Canteen's chicken rice, cookie n cream ice cream; Koufu's Western delights, Japanese food, the fried rice; North Canteen's Roti Prata, and Nasi Bryani, after nearly two years since I graduated.

Today, I will be having the South Canteen's chicken rice. Hopefully it still taste as good as ever.

Finished my lunch and is wandering around my ex-course buildings to visit my lecturers, teachers, and the lab assistants.

The chicken rice was a bit disappointing. The meat tasted the same but rice does not taste as good as it used to it. Well, the price is still the same. It is still pretty worth the trip to come back to NYP to try it again.

Had a quick chat with one of our favourite lab assistant, P. He still looks as youthful as ever and I am glad that he still remembers us. šŸ™‚

Just finished exploring Kampung Lorong Buangkok with J and the weather is really warm. That place is really similar to the Kampung area in Malaysia. The wooden houses, fences,clothes hanging outside to dry, trees everywhere, dangling powerlines, rooster and chicks running around, and dogs barking as we approaches. That place is really peaceful and quiet. No wonder there are families who chooses not to move out.

It's a pretty nice place to explore but there are lots of mosquitoes. Do remember to bring sun block and insect repellent if you plan to visit there.

To visit there, take bus 50, 70, 103, or 854, and alight at Church of St. Vincent De Paul or opp of it. It is below the hill, behind the shell station (or follow the GPS). Don't fully trust the GPS or else you will be like me, walking 1 big round as the GPS told me to alight at After Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 bus stop instead.

Travelled from Lorong Buangkok area to Queenstown and arrived at Skyville @ Dawson. Love the view here. The building is 47 storey high and there is a roof garden at the top of the building.

From 47 storey.

Check out the view in the video below!
(P.S The video is very shaky)

The roof garden.

Sunset view at Skyville @ Dawson. Love the view.

The view at night.

Had late dinner at Star Vista. Tried the vanilla ice cream waffle with chocolate sauce for the first time and it is damn good. Every bite took me to heaven. Usually, I eat the ice-cream waffle with blueberries sauce or raspberry sauce. Definitely made a right choice to choose the chocolate sauce ice-cream waffle.

Didn't take much photos of Kampung Buangkok but these are all the photos taken, as requested by @enxology šŸ™‚ The photos aren't nice as nowadays I try to only take pictures that I feel like posting on instagram. Didn't take photos of the environment but I am sure there are photos of that place in Google.


From today onwards, I will be using #explorewithshakugan whenever I go out to explore or for photography. This will be useful for those who are interested to go to places I have been to, or for me to looked back at the places I have visited. Alternatively, you can check our my instagram @haojie34 for edited photos (sometimes unedited). The word 'explore' is inspired by a instagram community, @exploresingapore #exploresingapore .

My posts will be mostly on places I exploded, personal stuff, and army life which is the least. I would love to write more regarding army life but most of the stuff going on in military life is classified. Hence, I will only stuff that I can. šŸ˜ž


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