Friends becoming strangers

Dear Dayre

It is really sad to see that my friends are drifting apart especially my secondary school classmates. After graduation, my secondary school classmates rarely contacted each other. Only a few of them still meet up a few times a year for some birthday celebration or outing while the rest didn't even reply if they would be attending.

During my Polytechnic year 2, my favorite secondary school Physics teacher had his wedding. He only invited our class and did not invited his form class or other classes he had taught. It was the only time where most of my secondary school classmates gathered. Despite around 5 of our ex-classmates did not turn up, it was a very happy occasion where our teacher has gotten married and a time for our ex-classmates to catch up with one another.

After the wedding, I have not seen them for a very long time. Sheepishly, I must admit I have become one of those that does not turn up whenever they organize an outing.

However, once a while I still talk in the whatsapp group that we have.

This morning, more and more people started to leave the group chat as they find it no point staying in that group chat as it has been inactive for nearly a year.

Why can't they just stay in the group chat? After all it doesn't occupy much of their phone storage space as well as no one is spamming in the group chat, causing it to become annoying. It is like our only source of communication with each other, other than seeing each other's profile or feed on Facebook to see how are they doing.

I wonder all those years we spent together means a thing to them? The days where we studied together till 6pm everyday, played badminton after class at the grass patch outside of our classroom, played Frisbee during lunch, joked with our English teacher, playing phone games together, talk about kpop, dance in class, playing with water bomb at the basketball court during our graduation ceremony (one month before 'O' levels before the long break for us to study). Have they forgotten all these?

Although I prefer my Polytechnic life, my secondary days certainly holds good memories. Thankfully my polytechnic cliques are still sticking together after graduated for nearly two years. Although we have separated into different paths where the guys are serving the National Service in different vocations whereas the girls are currently in university which they are in different schools and different courses, we still meet up once a while for movie, birthday celebration, have dinner, & outing.

I guess people changes over time, they have forgotten the good memories we shared, or they were never sincere to begin with…


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