Tiring day

Dear Dayre

Just now I login into Instagram, my notification popped up that Silver Ang liked my photos! 😱 Can't believe a local celebrity liked my photos. ✌ Feeling so happy as I used to watch her shows especially the latest show, Tanglin.

Just ended a photoshoot with a new model, Rachel Wan and it didn't go very well. Some of you might have heard of her. She is currently an actress in MediaCorp. Her latest show "Fine Tune", is currently showing on channel 5.

I guess all the editing of photos the whole of this morning causes me to feel tired or loses inspiration/feel to shoot. 😩

Thank you @_huiling for camping my post! It's the 1st time someone camped on my post. 😄

Just reached home not long ago and I am back to editing the photos taken few days ago with Charissa.


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