Life is precious

Dear Dayre

This morning. I just received a shocking news. One of my church friends' father just passed away. Her father was a bit close to me as he always talked to me to find how am I. I have known him for a few years. He was a cheerful person and he constantly cared for others.

This reminded me that life is very precious. Treasure your love ones as if everyday is the last day so that when time comes, there will be lesser regrets.

Was doing a shoot today when I realized my 16GB SD card that the IT show gave early this year, isn't compatible with my camera. Usually I uses my 8gb SD card for shoot. However, today I was shooting raw at Kim SoHyun's fan meet before shooting model shoots with Charissa (IG: @charissatungx). That's when my 8gb SD card ran out of space, forcing my camera to start using the 16gb SD card.


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