Today is one of the worst day ever. My IPPT Gold badge is stripped off after getting Silver for IPPT. I was expecting it as I haven't been training much since I entered the Air Force. Back in the army days, we will have physical trainings nearly everyday. In the Air Force, there are no physical trainings hence we have to create our own free time and be discipline to do physical training. From 86 points to 76 points. Didn't expect I will drop so much. I nearly couldn't get at least silver.

After finishing 'That Winter, The Wind Blows', I watched 'Time Between Dog and Wolf'. That Winter, The Wind Blows was a bit disappointing as I expected it to be way better due to it being one of the dramas that is recommend by many blogs. It was boring as 1st as the plot is similar to typical dramas but later on becomes much more interesting. Maybe it used to one of the top dramas when it 1st came out but over the years, there are much more better dramas that came out.

Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007) is rather old. The exposure/lighting is a bit bad but overall the drama is pretty good. It is the 1st Korean drama at relates to NIS if am not wrong. Earlier than IRIS and Anetha. Would definitely recommend you guys to try it out if you all run out of dramas to watch.

Next, I watched Doctors and just finished watching it recently. At 1st, I was pretty addicted to the drama but when the drama is near to its end, it becomes kind of predictable. I love the chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won. Loved both of their smiles when they are together. 😄



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