Dear Dayre

Yesterday night, I headed down to vivocity to catch Pokémon with my comrades and was very surprised by the number of people going there to play Pokémon Go. I mean I know there was going to be lots of people playing there but I didn't expect there will be so much people. From children of primary school to working adults of 40 or 50 years old in office attires were walking around playing.

That place is really a heaven for Pokémon Go players. The amount of Pokestops, lure modules, Magikarps, Dratini and Psyduck is insane. Dratini isn't that common but vivocity sky garden is a place it will appear more frequently that other places. Most people where there to hunt for Magikarps and Dratini. Thinking back, no one wanted to catch Magikarps in game boys or Nintendo 3DS and was annoyed by its appearance when fishing or surfing. Now, everyone is hunting for it.

These are some of the Pokémon I caught yesterday. One of my comrades caught a Dragonite yesterday at the Habourfront bus interchange. 😱

Was hunting for Magikarps yesterday and love the spawn rate for Magikarps. From 7 candies to 183 candies. I had no idea how my friend caught so much Magikarps with 4 hours that he can evolve his Magikarp to a 1339 CP Gyarados. Would love to head there again to catch Magikarps despite the long journey because Vivocity is a far away from where I stay. 😢

After finished watching "The Chaser" (kind of disappointing), I started to watch "Doctor Stranger". Love this drama as it is quite good. Maybe it is because I love to watch medical dramas. There are lots of mind-blowing moments and plot twists through out the whole drama. Overall, I would recommend people to watch this drama.

Started to watch "That Winter, The Wind Blows" until currently I watched till halfway of episode 2. So far this drama is a bit boring for me. It makes me feel like watching other dramas instead. The rating for this drama is pretty high hence I am wondering if I should continue and finish this drama. 😕



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