Dear Dayre

Finally have my first collaboration with a stranger model. Not exactly a stranger as she was my secondary schoolmate. Didn't talk to her before but seen her before as she was a friend of my sec school buddy.

A few weeks ago, she suddenly direct messaged my instagram saying that she is interested to collaborate with me and finally we met up yesterday to go for a shoot.

We went to Clarke Quay to shoot before headed to near Bugis to shoot. My shots aren't good so still learning.

These are some of the many photos that I took:

I have not edited all these shots yet as I am currently in camp. Will only have the chance to edit them coming Wednesday and send to her latest by Thursday.


Yay to Pokémon Go! Who else is playing them? Last night, my friend and I was roaming around from orchard to Dhobby Ghaut catching Pokémon. It's really to see the whole street full of walking around with group of friends playing Pokémon as well.


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