Spent the whole of yesterday exploring west of Singapore with @bkiat2016 . We visited the Jurong Hill park, Tuas Beach and finally Raffles Marina.

Look at who planted the trees šŸ˜±

This is the tree planted by the ex-prime Minister of Japan.

Others trees planted by other countries' prime ministers.

Spiral stairs to the top to see this view:

Jurong Island. The haze was pretty bad that everything was quite blurry. I could even smell the burning smell.

A clearer view when not zooming my lens.

Nothing much at Jurong Hill. Mostly trees so I was too bored and took picture of flowers.

Went to Tuas Beach but that place is now under renovation hence it was a wasted trip.

Next we went to Raffles Marina and waited for the sunset. I always wanted to go there but didn't want to go to somewhere ulu alone.

There were 3 more people who were there to take photos of the sunset.

Finally, the wait was over.

Finally left Raffles Marina for home after spending the whole day at the west side of Singapore.


Recently, my Air Force comrade invited me to join the rest of my Air Force comrade to a one month Europe backpack trip after ORD. I was very excited at first as I always wanted to go Europe. However, I told him I will let him know my answer soon.

There are things to consider.
– Cost
– Safety

My friend estimated the cost to be at least $4.5k with budge airline, package travel, stay in apartment, etc. If I am going, I will need to sacrifice my 24-70mm lens and buy it years later as my National Service allowance is too low.

Nowadays, there are lots of terror attacks in Europe so I am not sure if it is safe to travel there. To add on to that, I have never backpack travel before as I always go with tour guides. So, I feel a bit uneasy.

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