Worst trip ever

Dear Dayre

I didn't feel like penning negative stuff down but today some incident happened that totally ruin my mood.

This morning, I headed down to Bukit Timah to take photos of the KTM railway bridge which everyone seems to have visited that place while I have not. I alighted at King Albert Park and reached there at 9:34am. When I arrived, I noticed that there was a photography/filmmaking group at the railway bridge before us. I am not sure are they there for photography or filmmaking as they looked like polytechnic students (fanciful make-up, props, holding a script, a tripod but no camera at sight.

Since they were there before us, my brother and I decided to head to the old Bukit Timah railway station for some photoshoot while waiting for them to end their shoot at the bridge. By 10:40, they took a break hence my brother and I headed to the bridge, just when I started to take some shots of the bridge, they immediately came back to the bridge and indirectly chased us away by occupying the bridge and blocked my view.

Do they have to be so selfish? They have been there for hours, can't they just give me maximum 15 mins to spend taking some shots?

As I left the place, they continued their "photoshoot" with the Captain America shield props, maybe Poison Ivy cosplay, etc, doing poses as they face the direction of the "photographer" with no camera with her at all while the script writer was telling them what poses to do.



Finally VIU have premium. Love it! I don't mind paying for it once the one month free trial is over as life in camp sometimes is a bit boring hence download unlimited amount of drama to watch in camp is a must!


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