Underwater World – The Last Visit

Finally managed to take photos of these building from Sentosa instead of going to Keppel Bay. Didn't know these building can be seen from Sentosa until I visited the Underwater World yesterday.

Finally can put a tick to keppel bay from the list of places in Singapore I want to explore.

Yesterday my friends and I revisited Underwater World after my last visit was more then 10 years ago(primary days or even earlier I think). Revisited as the price dropped to $9 only (it's original price when it 1st open in the 90s) plus it is going to close down hence decided to pay it a last visit.

Childhood memories started to flood in as I revisited that place especially the mini aquarium under the bridge near the entrance.

Regretted not pictures of the environment.

Used the wrong lens hence the photos are pretty bad.

These friendly stingrays will once a swim up near the surface and stay there to let humans touches it before swimming away.

The lighting are pretty bad and the glasses/waters are quite cloudy and the place is pretty warm. Still, it is an enjoyable trip. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

The place was very crowded hence everyone was squeezing to take pictures.

The main attraction of Underwater World πŸ™Œ

Driver keeping the aquarium clean

Stingrays are so cute!!! 😍

Feeding time!

Happy face πŸ˜‚

I could stay here all day.

Final photo of the underwater world. Going to miss this place. Feel so sad whenever I think of this place is closing down soon.


Finally had Chocolate Milk Tea after a year. My favorite drink from KOI (which is also the only brand I drink from). πŸ‘


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